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What do our Clients say about the
Benefits of 
Grandma's Helpers Services?

November 1st, 2020

"I had an unusual case, as a Service Coordinator for Affordable Housing. My resident, a 90 year old veteran with no family except for his 90 year old twin sister, needed to move to an apartment with aide service.

With no one to help this man go through his 16 years of accumulation in his apartment, Grandma’s Helpers came to the rescue.


The team is caring to the feelings of the individual that is moving as well as for those working with the family. This man’s belongings were handled with care while the arduous task of “taking or keeping” commenced.

Then at the last minute, the date for the move was changed by the apartment complex he was moving to! I was in tears. When I had to call Bobbie and see if we could reschedule, she couldn’t have been nicer. Shifting her work load to accommodate my resident, was to say the least, miraculous. It all worked out.


The man was moved in and his belongings cleaned and set up almost as he had it in his old apartment (only much more organized!). Sentimental items were proudly displayed. The resident asked me to take pictures of how nice it looked.


I highly recommend Grandma’s Helpers to anyone assisting an older person with a move or moving themselves. I felt the price was very reasonable for the amount of work they do. No boxes for the resident to unpack. They are truly “moved in”, ready to take on their new life.


Thank you so much, Bobbie and Gary, and your expert team!

Your services are truly needed and I will be using your services again.


Susan Oliver

Service Coordinator

Park Ridge Commons Apartments"



Recently, I had the very good luck to connect with Bobbie Goodridge's company,

Grandma's Helpers, LLC. Honestly, I had not ever heard of this type of service - supporting the transition of older people from their homes to senior living communities. And, in all fairness, my initial reaction was, "OK, someone to pack. That's good – now I won't have to do it."

My Dad passed in August 2017, and my Mom simply could not stay in the house they had lived in together for nearly 50 years. A split-level ranch with 3 levels, 90 feet long, and sitting on two acres of land. Any help I could get to pack up what amounted to my mother’s entire adult life after raising four children and dealing with myriad challenges was more than welcome.

What I learned from Bobbie and her team was that what they actually provide is NOT just showing up to categorize, label, pack, and stack. Grandma's Helpers are dedicated to preserving the memories, essence, love, faith, connections, relationships, heartfelt emotions, and dignity of the person(s) they are there to pack. The organizing and packing is an important part of what they do, but it is by no means the ultimate outcome of their work. Here's what I mean.

First, they come to meet the person who is making the transition to learn about who they are. They need this background as it informs their ability to manage the move in a way that involves their client, puts them at ease relative to the handling of their personal belongings, and assures them that all will be put back together in the new space in a way that reflects their personality, represents the span of their lifetime, and keeps the emotional attachment to symbolic belongings intact.

This is not just packing. This is an act of love. Love for humanity. Care for fellow humans; agapé embodied.

Grandma’s Helpers are unique, professional, and efficient. They have optimized their process to make it stress-free with a high ease-of-use factor for clients. They vet and train staff members carefully and diligently. The biggest bonus is that the workers are sensitive, funny, deeply caring, and a joy to be around – you don’t want them to leave!

I urge you to use their services for any move you may be contemplating. They are cost-effective, and the value they bring is far and above anything you will experience elsewhere. They can connect you to movers, and estate sale professionals if you need those services, as well. I am their biggest fan. Call them today!

Suzanne Scott




"I am the definition of the modern sandwich generation. In addition to having a family, I work full-time and have aging parents. Dad’s health declined and when he passed away, it was clear that Mom could not continue to live in the house alone any longer. The biggest challenge I faced was how to manage the 50+ years of living that had accumulated in the house. Mom was overwhelmed, and so was I, at the prospect of sorting through it all and making a move.

Thankfully, we found Grandma’s Helper’s.


Bobbie Goodridge, a certified senior move manger, and her team are knowledgeable, professional, reliable and personable. They took the tremendous burden of Mom’s move coordination off of me, alleviating much stress and anxiety. Bobbie’s team worked with Mom to help involve her in the move and decision making about what to bring. They provided a seamless transition from her home of 50 years to her new apartment. 

For me, I was able to leave all the details in the very capable hands of Grandma’s Helpers. Bobbie and her team provided quality service and peace of mind. For me, that service was invaluable and priceless!"

Lynn Ringholz
Rochester, NY
October 31, 2016



“The prospect of this move was complicated & overwhelming—(staff) was knowledgeable & helpful & handled it all!”

 A.S.—New York, NY



“The support we received from you, along with your speed & efficiency.  Never could have accomplished our move without Grandma’s Helpers”

J.&C.A.—Rochester, NY



“...floorplan, packing, arrange movers, itemize donations, arrange donation pick-up.  What’s not to like?!“

J.T.—Rochester, NY



“Personal approach throughout / professional and caring on 1st visit.  Ability to work with 3 siblings in 3 states and help us with individual needs at a time when we were still mourning.”

A.F.— Clayton, MO

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