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Senior Move Managment

Senior Move Managment
Here’s What Happens
When We Decide To Work Together

We’ll establish a timeline and coordinate a move plan that works for you.

  • You’ll know precisely what will happen and when. Forget the anxiety and overwhelm of coordinating, packing and supervising a big move all by yourself.


We’ll measure your new residence and your furniture to scale and prepare some floor plan options for you.

  • You’ll know exactly what you can take and what fits perfectly in your new home; no more agonizing over what to keep and what to let go of.


We’ll recommend, arrange for and oversee the movers for you.

  • Because of our long time relationships with trustworthy, highly professional companies – and the fact that we don’t accept referral fees – you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the highest quality service at the fairest price.


We happily and expertly assist with the sorting process.

  • My devoted team will offer a compassionate, objective viewpoint and support your decisions to discard, sell, donate, or gift your possessions in a way that you’ll feel good about.


We’ll pack and ship valuables to family members and friends when necessary.

  • You’ll have a stress-free, safe and timely distribution of valuables that you want to gift to non-local family members and friends.


We’ll provide all the appropriate packing materials and expertly pack your belongings to take with you to your new home.

  • No crawling through smelly dumpsters or running around buying over-priced packing materials. Our expert packers will pack everything securely – and you won’t have to lift a finger!


We’ll direct and supervise safe and proper placement of items in your new home on move day. We even take photos if necessary of your current setup so that we can duplicate your environment as closely as possible in your new space.

  • No surprises! Everything is as close to what you’ve envisioned as possible.


Our expert team will unpack all boxes and set up your new home just as you directed, usually by the end of move day. And you won’t even need to be there.

  • You spend the day having fun with someone you care about. Turn us loose and forget about it. Lunch is on us! When you come home, you’ll feel at home.


Remove all packing materials

  • You move into a clean, uncluttered new home. No need to break down boxes or haul garbage to the curb.


Pretty dang good, right?

And that’s not the end of it.  Because once you're settled, we will check in to make sure everything is as promised – and just to say “Hi.”

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