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Personal Property Liquidation

Should the need arise, Grandma’s Helpers, LLC provides several options for the liquidation of personal property.
Personal Property Liquidation

We conduct can conduct an on-line auction of items not going to family members, friends or charities.

  • No yard sales, and no haggling with buyers.  We conduct professional On-Line Auctions.

  • We manage the transportation of your items to consignment stores or the on-line auction venue.

  • Because I’m a trained personal property appraiser, you’re certain to get the best possible price for your property.


We handle the arrangements for pick-up and delivery of donations to your favorite charities in a timely way.

  • No last minute flurries of worries about what to do with leftover items. We will pack, inventory and arrange for charitable donations.  Donation receipts will be provided for our Clients' personal tax returns.  (And this could be a financial advantage for you at tax time.)


We provide cleanup and clean out services at your former residence.

  • You walk away ready to enjoy your exciting new lifestyle. Your old house is empty, clean and ready for someone who will love it as much as you did.


We have a list of great realtors and contractors you may choose from, or use your own favorite to make needed repairs to your old residence in preparation for sale.

  • Your old house will sell as quickly as possible at a price that’s optimal so you get as much equity as you deserve.


Although unexpected things can happen, with the way we plan and execute they rarely do. But we’re prepared. In the unlikely event of “Houston, we’ve got a problem!” we say, “No worries. I know a guy!”

  • Our years of professional relationships have given us access to resources you may not have.

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